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Testimonials From Our Clients

"I began Pilates in August of 2008 after injuring my back during weight training. After working with various Pilates Instructors, I quickly recognized that Irina's skill and ability set her apart from the rest. She is truly concerned about the well-being of her clients. As a woman in my mid-50's, it is important for me to stay active and fit. Irina has been my Pilates Instructor for almost four years now and I feel stronger and healthier than ever."​

Paula M.

"Best Pilates studio in Las Vegas, personal attention and for me has been able to fix my back problems to the point where I have very little back pain. I used to have a lot of back problems. Pilates has also helped us with knee problems. Pilates By Irina is a good place to go for keeping the body healthy."

Nat & Rena T.

"I have never felt as strong or as healthy as I do after a Pilates session. It's amazing how such slight movements can be so challenging. I am definitely addicted to Pilates, thanks to Irina!"

Amy M.

"I have been taking Pilates for the last 4 years. I am an 84 year old man and I feel 20 years younger! Thanks to Irina, I am stronger & healthier than ever!"

Frank B.

"Pilates By Irina is the best studio in town!"

Judy W.

"I have been working with Irina on a weekly basis for the past 12 months and have found the workouts to be entirely worthwhile. Irina is an excellent instructor, guiding me through every step of the workout.The workouts are gentle on my aging body, yet demanding, and I can see and measure the results which have lead to an improved physical appearance, a body that always feels great and thrives on the steady diet of physical activity that is such a large part of my life."

Jeff V.

"The Pilates By Irina team has done wonders for my health and well being. Before I started Pilates By Irina, I had headaches almost every day. Pilates has eliminated my headaches by teaching me better posture. I injured my back over a year ago and, after Pilates Sessions with Irina, I was like a new person. I am adamant about attending Pilates Classes every week as it keeps me healthy and strong! All of the Instructors at Pilates By Irina do a wonderful job. They get to know you and your body and they genuinely care about your well-being. Their job is to ensure that you feel better when you leave than you did when you arrived. I like to call Pilates by Irina my "feel good drug" because I'm absolutely ADDICTED."

Joni S.

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