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Stott Pilates is an approach to the original Pilates exercise method developed by Joseph Pilates and a form of physical fitness.The Stott Pilates method is used by studios, fitness facilities and home exercisers around the world and is designed for people of all ages, levels of fitness and abilities.

Stott Pilates is the premier brand of Merrithew Health & Fitness founded in 1988 by Co-founders, Lindsay and Moira Merrithew. They have spent more than two decades refining the Stott Pilates method, in collaboration with physcial therapists, sports medicine and fitness professionals, to ensure it is aligned with current scientific and bio-mechanical research. The Stott Pilates method uses exercises designed to restore the natural curves of the spine and re-balance the muscles around the joints. The Stott Pilates method places more emphasis on scapular stabilization than other methods do. The method focuses on the following five basic principles:

  • Breathing
  • Pelvic placement
  • Rib cage placement
  • Scapular movement
  • Head and cervical spine placement

Pilates By Irina utilizes the Stott Pilates method.


Pilates exercises can be done on the floor using a mat or on specialized equipment.

MAT: Mat exercises may also include props such as the Stability Ball, Mini Stability Ball, Toning Balls, Flexband, and the Fitness Circle.

THE REFORMER: The reformer is a piece of resistance exercise equipment designed by Joseph H. Pilates. It consists of a platform that moves back and forth on rollers along a horizontal carriage. Resistance is provided by the exerciser's body weight and by springs attached to the carriage and platform. The Reformer is the main piece of equipment used in Pilates exercise. Resistance is provided using springs along with other attachments for a variety of exercises and positions: i.e. lying down, seated and standing.

Despite the name, the Pilates Reformer is actually an amazingly elegant machine, providing finely tuned exercise resistance that allows one to work very precisely to develop good alignment, core strength and flexibility. There are many styles of Reformers. Some Reformers are wood and some are metal. There might be leather straps or ropes, and the Reformer may be on legs or not. Nevertheless, the basic parts and their functions will be the same.

CADILLAC: The word 'Cadillac' brings to mind big convertible cars with fins, electric windows and fancy hub caps, and in Joseph Pilates heyday Cadillac stood for All-American comfort, innovation and luxury. That is why Pilates named this piece of equipment that he invented 'the Cadillac' – it has all the bells and whistles you could possibly want and it is big and comfortable. There are so many elements to the machine: leg springs, arm springs, fuzzy loops to hang from, a push-through bar to stretch you out, and even a trapeze. The trapeze was the original add-on accessory to the machine which is why it is also known as a “trap” table.

STOTT CHAIR: Ideal for those who need to stay in a seated or upright position, the Chair helps re-balance muscles and provides a full-body workout. It also facilitates high-performance exercises for athletes and the very fit. The Chair features two pedals that move independently or lock quickly and securely together to function as a single unit. The Stott Stability Chair is built with a double steel frame and has spring tension that adjusts easily with a unique hook-on system for quick interchange. The pedals are cushioned with ultra-soft foam for comfort. Fully adjustable handles attach and detach easily, locking securely for lunges and dips.

BARRELS: The Pilates Barrel is a barrel-shaped exercise device which challenges the muscles of the body across several movement planes. Large and small barrels are used in the Pilates Method to enhance breathing, develop both the arms and legs, and work the spine to help correct posture and movement. The curved shape of the Arc Barrel is designed to isolate the muscles that people use to maintain good posture. In addition, the barrel-like shape of the Ladder Barrel combines ladder rungs with a barrel surface for stretching, strengthening and flexibility exercises. The barrel connects to the ladder by a sliding base that adjusts to accommodate different torso sizes and leg lengths.  

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